An extension of you
A concept of raw minimalism and graceful adaptability - your best ally. 


The Idea

Extraordinary years lived in tropical Kolkata, India as a mother and an out-of-towner made me yearn for the perfect travel companion. 

MABARI bags are designed to be an extension of you - a concept of raw minimalism and graceful adaptability - your best ally. 

More beautiful and effortless after every voyage

Fair- Trade

MABARI would not be possible it it wasn't for the artisans behind every inch of your leather bag. 

We want nothing more than to move away from impulse-charity and into supporting profitable, sustainable and equitable businesses across the world. For this reason we have come alongside Kolkata based EMA, a Fair Trade organization actively involved in the education and livelihood of its work force.  

EMA and MABARI are both dedicated to equal work opportunities for women, saying no to child-labor and always granting dignity through fair wages.



Eco - Leather

MABARI bags are made from 100% eco-friendly leather. 

When it comes to leather, we care about the whole process; from the person whose hands are tanning the leather to the residues that come out of the factory. We are committed to using only leather that is kind to people and the environment.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee at Sheong Shi Tannery in Kolkata have come up with new and innovative ways of tanning without the use of harmful chemicals (i.e: chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde). Strict quality controls and ecological work practices make us proud to partner with the Lee's. One bag at a time, we are making a positive impact in the world.

Love your story.